Multiple Image Composites, Part 2

Yesterday, I posted an tutorial explaining how to create multiple image composites using Photoshop. In that post, I promised to have the second part to show how we can capture multiple images on a single frame using Canon gear (not “gear”). My second post now explains this process in reasonable detail.Long shutter speed, multiple stroboscopic images

Multiple Image Composites

Last Tuesday our guest speaker Andre Gallant presented several different techniques for capturing movement and passage of time (my terms). One technique that captured multiple images on one frame was available on Nikon cameras. Two pieces of information may be of interest to Canon users, one probably no cost, the other at $3,500.

The first piece of information is that I have a new post on my site that explains how you can produce multiple image composites with any camera using Photoshop (quite possibly Photoshop Elements as well). Read it and follow the simple instructions, even Andre could follow them! The second piece of information is that the new Canon 5D Mark-III can do multiple image captures on one frame in camera with several options. That will set you back about $3,500! Take your pick, my way or the bank way. I will also post another tutorial that will explain how you can capture multiple images on one frame using Canon gear.

Fair warning, I do not take “painterly” as a compliment. I am proud to be a photographer and do not have brush-envy!

Juried Photography Competition

Louisville Art AssociationThe Louisville Art Association
Presents the 21st Annual

National Juried
Photography Show

2012 Call for Entries

Last year we had entries from 21 states and we would very much like to expand that this year. This year’s awards pool has been expanded to over $8,000 in cash and other awards and there are 8 categories, more than most other shows. See their Web site for more detail.

The contest prospectus has the details, and the submission is accepted online at CaFE.

Please call the conference chair if you have questions.

Louisville Art Association 2012 National Juried Photo Show
Bob Maynard, Chairman

Good Source of Reading

I have accidentally stumbled upon a rich source of photographic resource online, and more about how I got there in a later post. While previewing a book online, I noticed a list of related content being displayed on the side and followed one. I arrived at a Web site called (read it as issue, leave it to the Internet!) I started looking around, did a few quick searches and found that there are a large number of photographic books, magazines, portfolios, etc. at least for viewing online and many being available to download. Let me give you a few quick links, but also suggest that you type in your search phrase, photographer or author name, subject, and find out what else is available. Fair warning though, it may become a time sink!

Minimalist Lighting

Photoshop CS5 Pocket Guide

Fotoblur Magazine

and the list goes on. You will be surprised at the variety of subjects and the quality of available resources. Give it a try. Share your finds and comments here with others if you like.




On Birds and Bees, a TED Talk

Although a fragment of this file was shared on YouTube, I thought the entire video was more important to share. The opening message is important to hear, although the “real show” starts later on. Also keep in mind that this kind of videography and related photography would have been impossible to create and share before the advent of digital imaging technology.

Here is the TED presentation by Louie Schwartzberg in its entirety.


The Web is full of useful information and many of the photography equipment and software companies provide extensive programs as Webinars. One of our sponsors, X-Rite has a series of them coming in February, take a look at their programs and catch the ones that catch your interest.

PocketWizard has been a brand name associated with remote flash triggers. Their new series of devices are quite interesting indeed, compact to boot. Their Web site has a bunch of videos that inform the viewer about their line of products and how to use them. They also have a Webinar coming on February 7, 2012. If you are interested in remote triggering flash gear you may enjoy the presentation.

Thanks Mike DiStefano for bringing these to my attention.

Shiv Verma Workshop

For those interested in Shiv’s workshop, details for the the upcoming 2012 photo workshops to Florida and the Smoky Mountains are in the linked documents. “You will have a blast with great photography, camaraderie and an opportunity to explore and learn” he says.

Also visit Shiv’s Web site or contact him at if you have any questions.

Photo Ops

Greater Lynn Photo OpGot the winter blahs? Cure them by spending the Saturday, February 11, at GLPA taking advantage of the photo opportunities (AKA Photo Ops) available to you. There will be still-life setups—regular and black light, Shiv Verma’s polarized light setup, and glassware. For models, there will be two long-haired chihuahuas who love to pose. There will also be a couple of children at various times during the day.

564 Boston Street Lynn, MA 01905
Saturday, February 11, 10 A.M.–3 P.M.

Read the details on their flyer.

It Gets Better!

The KillI have just learned that another PSRI member, Syed Rizvi also placed in top 250 in 2011 “Share the View” International Nature Photography juried competition. Congratulations Syed.

You can see his entry on the contest page in context, alphabetically sorted.

Member Photo in Top 250

Cedar WaxwingI have the pleasure of announcing another member achievement. One of Steve Tierney’s photographs, Cedar Waxwings, was placed among the top 250 in 2011 “Share the View” International Nature Photography juried competition. By the admission of the announcement Steve received, “the competition was fierce and placing in the top 250 is quite an achievement.” Congratulations Steve. Although you can see the photograph here, you may want to see it in context on the competition site. The photographs are listed alphabetically by photographers’ last name.


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