Joe LeFevre Day Long Workshop

Joe LeFevre is a highly accomplished landscape photographer and an excellent instructor. He has presented a number of programs at PSRI and at the NECCC Annual Photography Conference.

Join Joe LeFevre on Saturday April 12 2014 (9:30am to 4pm)

for an all day seminar

“Making Dynamic Landscape Images:

From Conception to Capture to Computer Optimization”

sponsored by The Connecticut Association of Photographers

CAP  website:

This all day program is a must for any level photographer. Hear topics like:

  • 25 Tips To Improve Your Landscape Photographs – overcome the inherent challenges in producing effective landscape & nature photographs
  • Making Dynamic Landscape Images From Conception To Capture To Computer Optimization – the entire process of creating an effective landscape
  • Making Nature Time-Lapse Movies – covers all the basics of time-lapse movies including equipment, choice of subjects, techniques & post processing.

Location: Gardner Lake Volunteer Fire Company 429 Old Colchester Rd Salem, CT 06420

Fee for attendance,$40, includes lunch. Registration deadline April 7th (limited tickets at the door, $50 at the door). Lunch: Ziti, Salad, Beverage (Soda, Water), and Dessert.

Optional shooting hands-on landscape, and time lapse workshop the next day, $100, see link below for flyer.

 Questions? email Rob Macfarlane

Click for a flyer with all the details and a form to use when registering.



Good Source of Reading

I have accidentally stumbled upon a rich source of photographic resource online, and more about how I got there in a later post. While previewing a book online, I noticed a list of related content being displayed on the side and followed one. I arrived at a Web site called (read it as issue, leave it to the Internet!) I started looking around, did a few quick searches and found that there are a large number of photographic books, magazines, portfolios, etc. at least for viewing online and many being available to download. Let me give you a few quick links, but also suggest that you type in your search phrase, photographer or author name, subject, and find out what else is available. Fair warning though, it may become a time sink!

Minimalist Lighting

Photoshop CS5 Pocket Guide

Fotoblur Magazine

and the list goes on. You will be surprised at the variety of subjects and the quality of available resources. Give it a try. Share your finds and comments here with others if you like.





The Web is full of useful information and many of the photography equipment and software companies provide extensive programs as Webinars. One of our sponsors, X-Rite has a series of them coming in February, take a look at their programs and catch the ones that catch your interest.

PocketWizard has been a brand name associated with remote flash triggers. Their new series of devices are quite interesting indeed, compact to boot. Their Web site has a bunch of videos that inform the viewer about their line of products and how to use them. They also have a Webinar coming on February 7, 2012. If you are interested in remote triggering flash gear you may enjoy the presentation.

Thanks Mike DiStefano for bringing these to my attention.

Constructed Landscapes

The “constructed” in the title does not refer to making a model of a landscape and then photographing it, although there are photographers who do that. Here, the photographer Zander Olsen wraps white cloth material on the trunks of the trees in the scene that coincide with the horizon or other recognizable elements like hills. The effect is quite interesting, sometimes creating the feeling that something is missing, at other times making the scene appear like a cross-section. Take a look at the collection on the photographer’s site. Rather interesting.

Rolling Iceberg

Camille SeamanAn award winning and widely published photographer, Camille Seaman photographs her environment as she travels to Arctic regions of Svalbard, Greenland, and Antarctica. The scenery is wild, foreign, inspiring, frightening, tranquil, all at once and she has captured what she saw with her sensibilities in a compelling way. During a part of her presentation you will see a remarkable event of an iceberg apparently gently rolling. I can only imagine the forces created by the rotation of a massive iceberg.

You can see more of her photography on her site

Manipulated Photographs – Adams’ Take

During one of my presentations at NECCC last weekend I expressed my view that Ansel Adams never made realistic photographs. Every photograph he took never ended at the point of releasing the shutter, never. He exposed for a particular vision, then developed the negative in different developers, sometimes in multiple developers with water baths in between. Then in the printing stage he exercised utmost control to produce the print that he had in mind. Then I added “if manipulation was OK for Adams, why is it not OK for digital photographers?” I think the answer lies in the accessibility of the tools for control. In the old days only the most skilled, master craftsman, the most patient could either do it in the darkroom or those who could afford hire the skilled people to do it for them. Today, the tools are well within the reach of everyone interested. That is the good part, but there is the rub; not all are skilled enough to produce the desired results and the technique becomes too visible, and it comes to the forefront.

I stumbled upon an interview with Adams just a few minutes ago where he clearly states that his pictures are not meant to be realistic and always had manipulation. Later in the interview he also talks about the then future electronic imaging. It is worth viewing and contemplating.

(You can see my presentation notes on my site, read from bottom up.)

Sharpening Presentation

As you may recall, I had a workshop on sharpening strategies in Photoshop and Photoshop Lightroom a few months ago. Not everyone could make it due to its timing. Since then the Quinebaug Valley Photo Club invited me to present an abridged version of it on April 15, 2010. They are located in Putnam, CT. If anyone is interested to attend we should let them know ahead of time. Also, if anyone wants to go, I would like to hitch a ride if possible.

On another note, “water” has been the subject of conversations, clean up, repair, basements, etc. I have been taking so many water and water-related photographs for the last 4-5 days, I almost feel bloated. Some are documentary, others the result of my photographic pursuit of a subject. If you care to see them, point your browsers to RI Flood on my blog.

PSRI Magazine is Out

PSReye Magazine Cover

PSReye Magazine Cover

The PSReye Focus magazine, featuring the photographs and articles of PSRI members and Providence College photography students is available for purchase. It is the result of the hard work of two Providence College students, Emma Hansen and John Vaghi with contributions from many photographers and the keen and critical eye of the editorial board of the magazine. It is published on an on-demand printing platform and anyone can purchase as many copies as they want. The photographic contributions are great so is the print and paper quality. It should make an excellent Christmas gift or stocking stuffer for the photo buff and art lovers.

Order it directly from MagCloud. The holiday price until January 1, 2010 is $12.50 plus shipping. After that the price will go up to $15.00 plus shipping. Shipping charges depend on the delivery speed, the lowest cost option at $1.40 per magazine arrives within about one week. MagCloud accepts PayPal or credit card payments and you will receive your copy in your mailbox within about one week although they indicate 1-2 weeks.

We hope that you enjoy the magazine, which is most likely a camera club first.

Writings on Nature Photography by PSRI Members

Landscape is an attractive and popular subject, not only to photograph but also to write ideas about it and share with others. Here are a few that you may enjoy.

Photographing Waterfalls by Kim DiIurio

Landscape Photography by Mike DiStefano

Fall Foliage Hot Spots of Northern New England by Mike DiStefano

Alaska by Dennis Goulet

In the Right Place by Dennis Goulet


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