Joe LeFevre Day Long Workshop

Joe LeFevre is a highly accomplished landscape photographer and an excellent instructor. He has presented a number of programs at PSRI and at the NECCC Annual Photography Conference.

Join Joe LeFevre on Saturday April 12 2014 (9:30am to 4pm)

for an all day seminar

“Making Dynamic Landscape Images:

From Conception to Capture to Computer Optimization”

sponsored by The Connecticut Association of Photographers

CAP  website:

This all day program is a must for any level photographer. Hear topics like:

  • 25 Tips To Improve Your Landscape Photographs – overcome the inherent challenges in producing effective landscape & nature photographs
  • Making Dynamic Landscape Images From Conception To Capture To Computer Optimization – the entire process of creating an effective landscape
  • Making Nature Time-Lapse Movies – covers all the basics of time-lapse movies including equipment, choice of subjects, techniques & post processing.

Location: Gardner Lake Volunteer Fire Company 429 Old Colchester Rd Salem, CT 06420

Fee for attendance,$40, includes lunch. Registration deadline April 7th (limited tickets at the door, $50 at the door). Lunch: Ziti, Salad, Beverage (Soda, Water), and Dessert.

Optional shooting hands-on landscape, and time lapse workshop the next day, $100, see link below for flyer.

 Questions? email Rob Macfarlane

Click for a flyer with all the details and a form to use when registering.



Where’s your new camera, oh I see, its still in the box….

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Call For Photos

Pawtuxet VillageThe Pawtuxet Village Association is now seeking photographs for its 2014 wall calendar.  Images should distinctly represent Pawtuxet Village and may include historic structures, nature, events and community scenes.  The PVA would like to feature several of the village’s historic homes and other buildings in this calendar.

Images must be original and must adhere to the guidelines below. Owners of photographs selected for inclusion in the calendar will be notified by October 18, 2013 and will receive a copy of the calendar.

  • Set your digital camera to the highest resolution setting!  (Most camera phones will NOT take quality images for calendar size.)
  • Resolution:  300 dpi
  • Minimum dimensions:  2550 x 3300 pixels
  • File format:  JPEG only
  • Compress files and email to Donna Deforbes at (file must be under 20 megabytes)
  • DEADLINE:  Monday, September 23, 2013

Glennie Nature Salon Results

The results of the George W. Glennie Memorial Nature Salon are published and PSRI did very well. With 91 clubs entering ten images each, PSRI was ranked 17th in a tie with Simsbury Camera Club from Connecticut. Or the ten entries PSRI submitted three images were Accepted and two images were selected for Merit Awards.  PSRI was also awarded 4th place for the Diversity Award; Diversity scores are calculated by totaling the club’s top scoring image in their top 6 categories. We were tied for 4th place but only three clubs had higher score, with the top scoring club only a  7 point advantage.

You can view the PSRI scorecard, and the Glennie website here for all the wining images in a slideshow.

Mike Moats Boston Area Macro Boot Camp

Mike Moats was very well received at the NECCC Photography Conference two weeks ago.  To answer the requests he received to run a Marco Boot Camp in the Boston area, he arranged to rent the Greater Lynn Photographic Association headquarters in Lynn, MA for the weekend event. GLPI is not involved with the event beyond simply renting space.  The dates for  this workshop are 21-13 September 2012.  Mike’s strength is artistic macro, rather than the scientific style macro photogrpahy typical for nature photographers.

Read the workshop flyer here.

His blog is full of tips to making artistic macro images.


Camera Settings for Birds in Flight

Many members have asked about the camera setting that I discussed during the Birds In Motion presentation.  The camera settings differ dependent on if you are comfortable operating your camera in the manual exposure mode or rely on the automated exposure modes of your camera.  The camera settings that I use are:


Manual Exposure Mode Camera Set Up

Metering Mode – Evaluative / Matrix

ISO – Use as low a setting as possible

Drive Mode – High Speed

Exposure Mode – Manual

Aperture – maximum, or max + 1 stop

Shutter Speed – at least 1/1000 second

Auto Focus Mode – AI Servo (AF-C)

Center focus point, or assisted


Automatic Exposure Mode Camera Set Up

Metering Mode – Evaluative / Matrix

ISO – Auto ISO, or as high as your camera handles noise well

Drive Mode – High Speed

Exposure Mode – Shutter Priority (Tv, S)

Aperture – camera chooses

Shutter Speed – at least 1/1000 second

Auto Focus Mode – AI Servo (AF-C)

Center focus point assisted or Zone AF


Robert Doisneau on Google

Robert DoisneauGoogle search engine is honoring the great French photographer Robert Doisneau, who would have been 100 on Monday. His photography explored the streets of Paris with insight, wit, and charm. It is worth reviewing his work.

A High School Project

City Halls of RII would like to share with you the publication Zach Dooley has created as part of his senior project. I agreed to be his mentor as he tried to learn the ins and outs of digital photography. To fulfill the requirements of his project, he settled on photographing the city halls of Rhode Island and decided to include the Foster Town Hall due to its historic significance. It is the oldest town hall in the country still in use, as I learned from Zach. He bridged this project with his history and civics courses and also wrote a paper which he is submitting separately. There is also a folio of nine photographs he had printed at Printmakers with a nice folio cover. He is rightly proud of his work.

Take a look at the magazine he put together with his photographs. I trust you will like what you see. If the spirit moves you, purchase a copy to encourage Zach to pursue photography as a hobby. He also got accepted to URI and he is considering marine biology as his major. If he decides on that I can see his photographic interest shifting from architecture to underwater photography.

He will present his creations at Pilgrim High School in May. I am sure he will impress his teachers with the quality of his work and the level of his learning. We have completed last bit of the paperwork today and he is ready to roll.

Congratulations Zach for completing this multi prong project.


Flash Applets Explain Photographic Concepts

Flash Applets Explain Photographic ConceptsPhotography requires an understanding of some fundamental concepts like exposure, aperture, shutter speed, depth of field, and so on. As one experiences these in the field the abstract concepts make more sense and become second nature in the practice of photography. I have stumbled on a very interesting Web site that offers visual explanations of many photographic concepts. Some topics and their visual or verbal explanations may be too esoteric and complex, but several applets allow the visitor to play around with the settings of aperture, shutter speed, ISO setting, and a few more and see the results right away. My recommendations are, Variables that Affect Exposure, Depth of Field, and Gamut Mapping. Try any others if you like, but these three will make understanding, and then explaining to others, some of the fundamentals of photographic variables.

Moonrise Illusion

Moonrise IllusionWhen the moon is near the horizon and recognizable objects, like buildings it creates the famous moon-rise illusion. In reality, the size of the moon obviously does not change and remains about the width of your thumb when your arm is fully stretched. Try it, you will see that you can cover the moon with your thumb regardless of its position in the sky. However, the illusion is very strong and the resulting photographs, when properly executed, can be striking. Mike Luciano sent the link to an article that shows this illusion very well, with explanations of how we are deceived in our perception.

Enjoy the moonrise over the Temple of Poseidon at Sounio, Greece.


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