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PSRI, the Photographic Society or Rhode Island has been in existence since 1927. During that time, it has changed its name and meeting location but never its spirit. PSRI is the premiere camera and photographic society in Rhode Island, dedicated to excellence in the art and craft of photography. It has members who have been with the organization for decades and remember the “good old days” when they ran from one pick up point to the next to collect photographs for the competitions. The group arguably represents the best photographic talent in the state and the membership has been growing every year. You may enjoy reading the short document titled “A Brief History of PSRI“.

The activities of the society are run by its governance, consisting of the officers and board members. The first Tuesday of every month during the meeting season is dedicated to official business and it is open to any member who wishes to participate in the affairs of the organization. The activities include the regular meetings, which include almost all the Tuesdays except when there is a board meeting, or those that coincide with the holidays or holiday seasons. Additionally, PSRI organizes field trips that include nearby places as well as far away destination. When a meeting is not dedicated to periodic competitions, there is some activity planned aimed at taking the art of photography to higher levels and the practice of this art to a more meaningful and fulfilling experience.

We invite you to join us at one of our meetings to experience this energy first hand. You will meet people of great photographic talent, and great people to boot.

Constitution and Bylaws

Dedicated to pursuing photographic excellence, PSRI operates according to its Constitution and Bylaws. Members are expected to agree with the principals of these documents and the meetings are run according to the procedures set forth in them. Please read them to get acquainted with what drives PSRI and join the great group of people who pursue and practice photography with a passion.

Read the bylaws of PSRI and learn more about the society.

Board of Directors

In addition to the officers, whose names appear on the left, the board of directors include the chairs of various committees and at large elected members. As you see, several members have not hesitated to wear more than one hat. Thanks to all for their time and dedication. Feel free to contact the appropriate commitee chair for information. Simply click on the e-mail link where one is presented or type the address as you read it. (You cannot copy the address from the page and paste it in your mail application.)



Sue Babin

First VP

Marion Faria

Second VP

Jerry Klevas


Ted Lawson
treasurer {at} psri {dot} us


Gary Carlson
secretary {at} psri {dot} us

At large board members

Deb Page
Nancy Marshall
Matt Fike
Holly Trahan

Committee Chairs


Karl Zuzarte


Frank Gozalez
membership {at} psri {dot} us


Kevin Bermard

Slides Competition

Mike Di Stefano

Print Competition

Tara Marshall

Digital Open Competition

Lisa Bushee
digital {at} psri {dot} us

Digital Nature Competition

Noreen Berthiaume

Excursions and Field Trips

David Lewalski
fieldtrips {at} psri {dot} us


Gary Detonnancourt
news {at} psri {dot} us

Student Activities

Mike Di Stefano

Legal Counsel

Ted Lawson


Leslie Jean

NECCC Prints

Barbara Houde

NECCC Digital

Mike Di Stefano

NECCC Representative

Mike Di Stefano

PSA Representative

Mike Di Stefano


Nancy Marshall
multiscreen {at} psri {dot} us






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