A High School Project

City Halls of RII would like to share with you the publication Zach Dooley has created as part of his senior project. I agreed to be his mentor as he tried to learn the ins and outs of digital photography. To fulfill the requirements of his project, he settled on photographing the city halls of Rhode Island and decided to include the Foster Town Hall due to its historic significance. It is the oldest town hall in the country still in use, as I learned from Zach. He bridged this project with his history and civics courses and also wrote a paper which he is submitting separately. There is also a folio of nine photographs he had printed at Printmakers with a nice folio cover. He is rightly proud of his work.

Take a look at the magazine he put together with his photographs. I trust you will like what you see. If the spirit moves you, purchase a copy to encourage Zach to pursue photography as a hobby. He also got accepted to URI and he is considering marine biology as his major. If he decides on that I can see his photographic interest shifting from architecture to underwater photography.

He will present his creations at Pilgrim High School in May. I am sure he will impress his teachers with the quality of his work and the level of his learning. We have completed last bit of the paperwork today and he is ready to roll.

Congratulations Zach for completing this multi prong project.



  1. Zach:

    Thank you for recording and presenting photographs of City Halls in Rhode Island. I enjoyed the format of your publication and the quality of your photos.

    Photography as a hobby can often lead to interesting ways of sharing research.

    Ora Wry
    PSRI: Member

  2. Cemal,

    Thank you for all the time and effort that you put into sharing all that you know!!!!! Words alone cannot express how much it is appreciated!

    Mike Dooley

  3. Glad to be of help. I enjoyed working with Zach, I hope he enjoyed doing the work.


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