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Mac Holbert is one of the digital printing pioneers and gurus. I received an e-mail from him today asking for a simple support by voting on a project proposal at Pepsi Web site. He has teamed with other imaging heavy weights; Stanley R. Smith, J. Paul Getty Museum, Henry Wilhelm, Whilhelm Imaging Research, and others; and founded The Center For The Image with a mission “to advance efforts to educate and assist institutions and individuals in their efforts to preserve their analog and digital images.” Their application for funding from Pepsi needs support  from people like us by casting a vote in favor of their project. Read about the center and need for support on Mac’s Web site and find out more about the center on a new site dedicated for it.

Mac Holbert Web Site CFI Page

The Center For The Image

You can vote after a simple registration on the Pepsi site. You may want to be careful not to select to receive information from Pepsi. You can vote within a few minutes. I urge you to take a few minutes and support this educational effort. You can vote once per day.

Let’s give them a hand to help us all.


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